What is STAKKAbox™?

STAKKAbox™ is a range of sectional, modular and structural preformed access chambers. The system is used across many different markets for cable pulling, cable jointing, draw pits, duct boxes, inspection chambers, housing equipment or valves or easy access, and drainage.

Each chamber is made from 150mm deep stacking sections which interlock to offer flexibility in finished chamber depths. Each sections is castellated to positively interlock with the unit above and below.

The STAKKAbox™ Range

STAKKAbox Ultima

What are the main benefits of STAKKAbox™

Complete installations in as little as 30mins.
Quicker re-opening of roads, footpaths and tracks.
Unsupported 60 tonne vertical loads achievable.
Side loads comparable with concrete.
All parts below 25kg.
No skilled labour or specialist lifting equipment necessary.
Consistently factory produced to ISO 9001.
Not affected by frost, acids, alkalis or diesel - all concrete killers.
Available in a range of fixed depth or modular designs.
Duct entries quickly and safely formed on site or factory prepared.
Overbuilding or benching is easily achieved.
Sizes from 300mm x 300mm x 150mm to 6000mm x 3000mm x 3000mm.

Who uses STAKKAbox™?

STAKKAbox™ has been installed worldwide by customers in the following industries:

France Telecom, SNCF, Network Rail, EDF Energy, Highways Agency (MCX 0815)
Highways Agency (MCX 0815), Ministry of Defence (UK), Irish Rail, South East Water, 100+ Local Traffic Authorities
British Telecom
United Utillities, Yorkshire Water, South East Water
National Roads Authority (Ireland), Asfinag (Austria), Cesky Telecom (Czech Rep.)

Who manufactures STAKKAbox™?

STAKKAbox™ is manufactured by CUBIS Industries in the UK and Ireland.

Where is STAKKAbox™ available?

STAKKAbox™ is stocked in distributors and merchants worldwide. Contact the CUBIS Sales Office who can direct you to a convenient location. Telephone +44 (0)151 548 7900 or email info@cubisindustries.com.

Click here to read more about STAKKAbox™ on CUBIS Industries website